Palm Beach County Yellow DOT


Learn More About Our Yellow DOT Supporters...

Learn More About Our Yellow DOT Supporters...

A special thanks to our PBC Yellow Dot Program Chair, Sheri Scarborough, for her vision to bring this life-saving program to Palm Beach County. Your neighbors will now be safer all because of your initiative and perserverence!


The West Boca Community Council is an umbrella organization of more than 200 homeowner and condominium member associations who elect the Council’s Board of Directors every April. Absent any local government of our own, the Council serves as the voice for West Boca with the governments of Palm Beach County and the State of Florida. It was founded in 1980 to fight for quality of life issues. More than thirty years later, that remains our raison d'etre.




A special thanks to President Bob Schulbaum and Dr. Lori Vinikoor for sharing in the commitment to get this program launched in Palm Beach County. Your leadership and hard work in the initial stages moved the PBC Yellow Dot full speed ahead and we are grateful for your continued support!


The Alliance of Delray Residential Associations is comprised of 92 local communities that have a total population of more than 130,000 residents. The Alliance is dedicated to the welfare of all citizens, its Mission: Provide the neighborhood associations of Delray Beach with a non-partisan, unified front and voice to federal, state and county elected officials for the betterment of its citizens.



A special thanks to President Myrna Rosoff for supporting the PBC Yellow Dot and for your participation on the PBC Yellow Dot project team. Your continued efforts will ensure that this program is available to your residents.


The Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations (COBWRA) is a volunteer-led, nonpartisan, civic organization representing the residential communities of West Boynton Beach, Florida, in unincorporated Palm Beach County. The coalition was founded in 1981.  Representing over 125,000 residents and 108 homeowner and condominium associations, COBWRA is a trusted resource of information for the residents of West Boynton. COBWRA member communities are homeowner associations and condo associations. The Coalition represents the interests of all the people within the COBWRA service area—even if a community is not a member of COBWRA.

A special thanks to Senator Joe Abruzzo for teaming up with Representative Slosberg and the Palm Beach County Firefighters and making Yellow Dot the first piece of legislation that he passed in the 2014 Legislative Session. He has a clear understanding of how important this legislation is to victims and emergency personnel that will now be able to deliver critical help guided by an individual’s medical information.

A special thanks to Florida State Representative Irv Slosberg for jumping on board the minute he heard the word "safety." The PBC Yellow Dot Program aims to keep drivers safer when needing medical treatment after a car accident. As a road safety champion, Slosberg teamed up with Senator Abruzzo to make this legislation one of his priorities for the 2014 legislative year.

A special thanks to Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger for her steadfast support in championing the cause to keep her communities safer.  The PBC Yellow Dot Program was born in her district and she made sure that the voice of her community members would resonate all the way to the finish line! Thank you Mary Lou!