Palm Beach County Yellow DOT

The Yellow DOT Program Is...

The “Yellow Dot” program is the Vial of Life for your car. It gets important information to emergency responders quickly and can save your life!  If you are involved in a car accident and cannot communicate, first responders can look in your glove box for the “Yellow Dot” card that carries important medical information about you.  This life saving information can help rescue crews decide how to treat you appropriately.  This is especially important after a car accident where you may be unconscious, in shock or simply unable to clearly communicate.

In order to participate in the program, all you need to do is fill out the yellow personal information form, include a picture of yourself and place it in your glove box.   You may put as much medical or personal information on the form as you wish.

The “Yellow Dot” decal should be placed on the lower left corner of the rear window of your car. The signature “Yellow Dot” decal visually alerts first responders that essential medical information can be found in the glove compartment.  That way, firefighter/paramedics or police officers can quickly grab the information form and learn about your medical history.   The “Yellow Dot” saves precious time and may help first responders save your life!

"Knowing a patient's medical information in advance can mean the difference between life and death

when caring for patients in an emergency situation."


Sheri Scarborough

Pres. West Boca Community Council